SP PLASTECH is a leading manufacturer of plastic components, Plastic Injection Molded Auto Componets, plastic components for two wheelers, three wheelers and trucks.  We can manufacture injection moulded automobile companents having facility at Hosur, Tamil Nadu. We are committed in making highest quality plastic automobile and industrial products at affordable prices offering a very wide product range, technological innovation, highest quality standards, with good service record and long lists of satisfied customers.

Our Services

SP Plastech is one of the most reputed names amongst plastic molding products manufacturer, auto components manufacturer in India.

  1. Injection Molding Parts

    Plastic Injection Molded Automotive Parts, manufactured at SP Plastech, Plastic Injection Molding, manufactures automotive parts. We strives to make our injection molding services efficient and economical for the automotive industry. Our production facilities and warehousing capabilities let us easily and cost-efficiently supply the automotive industry with a wide variety of economical plastic parts. Our blanket ordering system gives you peace of mind, as your plastic automotive components ship out regularly and consistently.

    SP Plastech’s injection molding auto parts:

    • increases production speed
    • provides repeatable high tolerance auto components
    • different range of materials can be used
    • decreases labor costs
    • minimises scrap loss, as the comonent is supplied ready to use
    • we supply auto parts by doing finishing job after molding
  2. Insert Molding Parts

    Insert molding is the process of molding or forming plastic parts around other non-plastic parts or inserts to create a single part.

    We manufacture Insert Molding Components for automobile industries, commercial and domestic application. We make Insert molding components  using the supreme class material and applying pioneered technology.


    • Perfect Finish
    • Dimensionally accurate
    • Durability


    • Material: Plastic and Metal
    • Product: Automotive, Automobile, Auto Product
    • Shaping Mode: Insert Molding
  3. Printed Auto Parts

    We make automobile parts with printed marks. Printing on auto parts are permanent and lasts upto the life of the auto component

  4. Assembly Parts

    Assembly components can be individual parts or sub-assemblies that behave as a single unit. For example, a single-part base plate and a multipart air cylinder sub-assembly are both components when placed in an assembly.

  5. Sealing Parts

    Sealing parts manufactured by us are used in automobile industries as auto parts for sealing nozzles.  Sealing parts are customized and supplied as per requirement

Our Vision

In recent years, the automobile industry is undergoing a huge technological transformation and it has been our endeavor to constantly develop products, that meet the discerning demands of the constantly evolving market.

We position ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of plastic based auto parts applying diverse range of technology intensive in automotive components manufacturing.

Provide the highest level of product value & customer satisfaction through effective controls, minimization of costs and appropriate utilization of resources


We are quality conscious, not only in the final product but also in the manufacturing process.  Hence, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified.  Our ISO is certified by TUV.

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We are fully equipped to test the quality of products that we manufacture in our plastic injection molding industry, Hosur.


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